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MORE ways to reach MORE people for LESS money!

The North Country Shopper continues to explore new ways to promote your business. And we're not just looking for new ways to increase OUR revenue … we're absolutely committed to creating ways to increase YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

It's simple, if you don't get results, we don't get results.

But it's easy for your business to discover the best source for advertising by seeking out the source your customers turn to most often. The North Country Shopper features a huge classified advertising database each week. If you're customers turn to us … why aren't you?

Contact us today about expanding your market reach … either in print or the brave new world of digital marketing.

Like we always say: The Bee has you covered!

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Acceptable file formats for camera-ready ads:

PDF; .AI (Adobe Illustrator); .EPS; TIFF (200 dpi, actual size); .PSD (Photoshop/200 dpi actual size)

Acceptable file formats for artwork:

PDF; .AI (Adobe Illustrator); .EPS; .TIFF; .JPEG; .PSD; .GIF; .PNG

Artwork should be near actual size or larger in the case of .TIFF; JPEG; .PSD; .GIF; .PNG

It is the advertiser's responsibility to insure that submitted artwork is free of any copyright restrictions.

Important Notes: All advertising requires pre-payment unless you have established credit with the North Country Shopper. All accounts must be paid by the 20th of the month after the date of the billing statement.

Communications policy: Placing an ad or requesting information implies a consent to receive communication of any type, including but not limited to advertising and other sales-related information from the North Country Shopper via regular mail, E-mail, telephone and/or fax. Published ads are subject to North Country Shopper policies and guidelines.

INSERTS: Contact us for details on technical requirements.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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1/4 Page Ad

With a base price of only $145 per week*, here's an affordable way to give a powerful punch to your small business.

This is the perfect size to highlight three or more products and services you offer. Add your own personalized photos of your staff, business location, or products to get the ultimate personal touch.

As with all of our display ads, our world-class design services are included in the cost.

Contact us today and find out how you can make this ad size even more affordable with our special discounts and incentives.

*Color is available at an additional charge.

1/8 Page Ad

Starting at only $72.50 per week*, an 1/8 page in the North Country Shopper can provide your customers with a steady stream of your marketing content without breaking your budget.

For your marketing plan to work, consistency equals sales! This is just one of many plans we have to make consistent advertising affordable for your business

And again, there is no charge for our world-class design services when you place your ad with the North Country Shopper.

Contact us today and find out how you can make this ad size even more affordable with our special discounts and incentives.

*Color is available at an additional charge.
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Small Business Advertising

Business Card ads begin at only $24.95 per week*. With rates this low you can easily afford to join our MarketPlace (starting at only $5.00 per week) each and every week!

We're dedicated to making your small business a BIG success! So we've tailored a special program just for you to get great print promotion and an affordable online presence.

Contact us today and we'll give you the same quality service and attention that the big advertisers receive.

And as an added bonus, you'll get our world-class design services included!

*Color is available at an additional charge.
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With a North Country Shopper interactive web button, we connect you to our "connected" readers!

Starting at only $15.00 per week, you can stay connected to our online readers.

Go ahead, dazzle our readers. Make it simple, make it complex, let us make it for you!

Contact us today to get all the technical mumbo jumbo you or your web designer needs to know to get connected to our website.

Need our help? Well, there's great news. It won't cost you an additional dime for the North Country Shopper to design your eye-popping web button.

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