Photo Restoration

We can bring your valuable family memories back to life!

The North Country Shopper provides high-end photo and image restoration utilizing both the best software and decades of advanced graphic experience.

When your project is done, we also provide a wide arrange of high-quality output options: from digital only to impressive heirloom worthy printing on canvas from our top-if-the-line gallery quality large format printer.

Roll your mouse over each image to see the transformation:

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This early 1900's photo was severely oxidized and had significant water damage and tears.

We took 12 different scans and 'tiled' the image together. We captured 18 seperate layers of color channels to draw out long dormant details and ressurect the orignal vibrancy of the painting.

The final project was printed on high quality HP Matte Canvas.

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A late 1800's photo severely oxidized and faded by exposure to UV rays. There was also some mold damage beginning to deteriorate the image.

The original "mezzotint" effect on the photo only made it more difficult to isolate the details in the shadows.

We did two version of this photo: simple black and white (which gave us less detail), and a more complex one (shown here) isolating color channels to enhance more subtle features.

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An early 1970's photo that is more typical of the kind of damage heirloom photos suffer: someone tried to clean it with glass cleaner!

There was also signifcant fading from exposure to sunlight and moisture.

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This one looks easier than it actually was. It's a several decades old 'silk painting' that had fold marks throughout (they don't show up well in the small "before" thumbnail, but trust us, they're there!)

Due to the quality craftsmanship, the color detail was well preserved ... we just had to make it a bit more vibrant.

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Another typical heirloom damage victim. This one just suffered from the ravages of time, folding, passing around to various family members, greasy fingers, food spills ... and the ever deadly onset of mold.

Fairly "straight forward" repair of a nice quality source material.

What makes our service different?

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We take each project personally.
We know how important it is for you to preserve these priceless documents of your family history. We'll approach each project with the same intensity as we would for our own grandmother ... and, yes, we love our grandmother!
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We're prompt and courteous.
Each project is different ... and some will take longer than others ... but we'll keep you updated with our progress throughout the project.
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We absolutely love history.
You wouldn't think this was important when it comes to image correction ... but it really does matter! We love the "story" behind your images ... we highly esteem the sentimental value of your family memories ... and this will definitely come through in our approach to preserving your images. It also means we will be meticulously careful with your "original" images while in our care.
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We know our limits.
We're good at what we do ... okay, we're REALLY GOOD at what we do ... but we won't "over-promise" on what we can accomplish with your images. We can guarantee to improve almost ANY image substantially, but we'll let you know what you can reasonably expect in the final project.
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The good stuff is in the details.
We will provide you with a digital copy of the final image ... we also offer a wide range of output options.
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